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What can you personalize in ecommerce email marketing? It can start with your subject line and copy. And go well beyond that to making product recommendations or showing customers their nearest store location. Williams Sonoma is a company that sells kitchenware.

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The customer is already hooked wanting to know what else their new KitchenAid mixer can do. The email involves coupons, a video about things your KitchenAid can do along with some special offer discounts! One of the best components of this email is that they personalize it by including a section of products the customer might like as well as their nearest brick and mortar store location.

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This is convenient for the customer in case they want to go to the store to check out the products in person. It feels like the company knows you on a personal level. This can be a huge loss for your business. If someone is shopping on your site and navigates away or gets distracted and does not make a purchase, you can still convince them to buy your products.

If you are not sold on using abandoned cart emails think about it like this. A customer is shopping on your website and decided that they are interested enough in an item to add it to their cart. The hard part is over. Using retargeting will remind them that at one point they really liked that item. Abandoned cart emails are a friendly nudge to get the customer to come back.

You can even offer a discount to get them to make a purchase. If you are shipping a product to your customers then confirmation and delivery automations are essential to your ecommerce email marketing strategy. These emails keep customers updated on the status of their order and provide details of what they purchased.

Sending these types of automations can help build trust with your customers and keep them worry free about their orders. These two emails give the customer a receipt for their order as well as let them know that their package has shipped! You can also use these emails to promote other products the customer might like. When sending the final email in your delivery sequence, offer additional products that are similar to the product your customer has just purchased.

Remember, transparency builds trust so make sure that you are transparent every step of the way. If there is an issue with their order, let customers know and they will be more likely to shop with you in the future. Of course you want people to buy your product so you will probably want to offer discounts to your loyal subscribers. While this is a large percentage you will need to be careful here. Not every email should include a discount.

Coupons are like a special occasion for customers. You must give them enough to keep coming back but not too many or they will come to expect a coupon every single time they receive an email.

14 of the Best Email Marketing Examples That Work

They may even stop opening your emails if they know each one contains a discount. Imagine getting a coupon every day from the same company. Do you need to buy something every day? Probably not. It gets old quick. This will keep your customers engaged and excited when they receive a coupon from your business! In between quality content Backcountry lets their subscribers know about sales and discounts that they are eligible for. Make sure your subscribers actually want to subscribe.

It gives users two chances to agree to receiving emails from you so that you can make sure they actually want to be on your email list.

Not only does this cause you to lose subscribers it can also hurt your deliverability. When someone marks you as spam it sends a signal to your email server. The next time you send an email you could have issues with it being delivered.

Get the Most Out of Your Ecommerce Email Marketing with These 5 Tips

Want to make sure you avoid this? Make it easy to unsubscribe from your emails. If users can easily unsubscribe they will be less likely to mark you as spam. You should also be growing your email list organically. This means absolutely no list buying. You want your emails to be sent to interested subscribers who will actually open and click through. Vivino is an app that emailed its users to double check and ask them if they would like to subscribe to their emails.

How to Write Emails to Sell a Product! Email Marketing Strategy in 3 Easy Steps!

They give a short synopsis of what their company will do for subscribers and what kind of emails they can expect. They can easily confirm their subscription with one click! If you use a double opt in method make sure that it is easy for people to subscribe. You could even offer a yes or no option.

Why Email Remains the Best Marketing Channel (A Data-Backed Answer)

If you are selling a product, high quality photos are key in driving subscribers to make a purchase! Visual content marketing can say things that words might not be able to.

Inbox Mistakes

You want to highlight your products with visually appealing and scenic photos. Pottery Barn has beautiful lifestyle photos of their products that help subscribers to imagine what their home could look like if they shop there. In this email they tell customers to design their dream bedroom. Now, imagine if you just had the text that is over the photo and no photo. Instead they have included a photo of a bedroom complete with paintings, lamps, plants and more to show customers their products.

Ask for reviews. Feedback is one of the most valuable components in ecommerce email marketing. Receiving product reviews can also help you update or redesign your product or process if needed. Learn how to ask for reviews. Make it easy for people to give you a review. Either put the review directly in your email or link to an online review site.

This email from Pet Ninja has the review directly in the email.

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  4. The review is quick and simple complete with a star rating. Ecommerce email marketing should not be all about selling your product.

    2) The Standard Promotional Campaign

    Leverage emails to get reviews, improve your SEO and show your customers what your brand is all about. Crafting the perfect email for your business, segmenting your lists, and making sure your copy resonates with your audience can take time off of your hands. Spend time focusing on building your business while our professionals at LYFE Marketing handle all of your ecommerce email marketing.

    It could be a 4-part series, or it could be never-ending i. Welcome email from Casper. Welcome email from Kate Spade. These are emails that you send to people to help educate them on the pain points you know they have, the pain points that relate to your industry and products, and the products solutions you are offering to them. Education-based emails could include repurposed content from blog posts or original content that you created specifically for your email campaign.

    The goal with education-based emails is to position yourself and your brand as a trusted resource. These types of emails also provide a way for you to keep in regular communication with your subscribers. Doing so can help you continue to build trust and nurture prospects down your funnel toward conversion. Education-based email from Beardbrand. Education-based email from The Tie Bar. These are emails that automatically get sent to anyone who adds an item to their shopping cart but leaves your website before completing their purchase. The purpose of abandoned cart emails is obviously to entice people to go back and finish ordering their products.

    To drive prospective customers to do so, many ecommerce brands will include special one-time offers ex. Other brands will include urgency messaging ex.

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