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Some staging has clearly taken place, yet Phoenix is so convincing as a selfish, petulant and egotistical wash-out that you're inclined to believe everything that the director presents. The documentary does not answer all the questions it asks, but it doesn't really matter.

Truth or fiction, this is a riveting portrait of self-destruction.

"The Best Day"

Phoenix - or "JP" in his rap persona - finds himself slipping further into an emotional and career abyss. The people around him, including Anthony Langdon formerly of rock band Spacehog , his long-suffering manager Larry and publicist Susan, get treated shabbily as Phoenix sets out on a quest to recruit Sean 'Diddy' Combs to produce his debut album.

The hip-hop mogul ends up crushing JP's dreams, questioning his commitment to music and telling him matter-of-factly: "You're not ready to work with me yet. I'm Still Here has caused something of a stir for its scenes of male full-frontal nudity, drug taking and, in one grim instance, Langdon defecating on Phoenix while he sleeps. Look past the controversy, though, and this is a comedy that's toe-curlingly funny and stingingly bittersweet. Phoenix, like the subjects of Sacha Baron Cohen and Ricky Gervais's mockumentaries, is a comedy buffoon completely unaware of how ridiculous he is becoming.

Affleck's carefully managed bursts of humour keep the film from becoming too bleak. Phoenix's rant about Revolutionary Road getting Oscar nominations and his Reservation Road getting ignored is priceless, so too is Diddy's struggle to remember which films Casey Affleck has been in. This parent was also abusive.

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They were toxic and manipulative and I could not stand idly by and just take that from them while also trying to become an independent young adult. I was forced to sit and watch one of my parents transform into someone I didn't recognize anymore. I had to watch them ignore any kind of reality checks and continue to feign innocence.

I watched one of my parents mentally manipulate people I once called family into believing lies. I kept my head down and shut my mouth and kept taking the abuse. Now I'm at a point where I can confidently say that I am no longer afraid. I was forced to cut ties with a parent that raised me, cared for me, attended school functions, fixed toys, bought me my first phone.

I was forced to chuck out priceless memories for my own sanity. I could not sit idly by and allow myself to endure one more second of lies or abuse. I had to stand up for myself for once in my life and I blocked most of my family.

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I blocked cousins, aunts, uncles, and godparents. I changed my phone number that I had since 6th grade. I gave no warning and disappeared from my family's lives. Do I have regrets? I would do it again if I had to because I am so much stronger than sitting there and taking it. I will have one less parent at my college graduation, which I am fighting so hard to achieve. I will have one less parent at my wedding. My future children will have one less grandparent.

I mope in these thoughts but then I have to remember the other side of things. I will not have an unsupportive parent at my graduation and instead will have those that were there every step of the way. I will lack someone who was toxic at my wedding. My future children will never have to face the same abusive, toxic situations that my parent put me through. It was a difficult decision to make but one that I know in my heart is worthwhile.

Cutting a family member out of your life is difficult enough but cutting a parent is unimaginable. However, no one deserves to go through abusive situations. It shouldn't matter who the person is; if someone is treating you less than you deserve to be treated, they have no use being in your life.

You should always be your first priority. You should never have to endure something for the sake of others. I am here to tell you that you are more than that and that cutting out a family member could actually be the best thing for you, even if it's incredibly difficult.

I did it and I'm still here. It made me realize who my real family was, and there will never be enough thank you's in the world to show my mother just how much I appreciate her. Home Communities Create Shop.

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I still can’t believe my dad has gone.

Trim all the life fat. An exhausted, overextended life is not the most sacrificial one. Hit the brakes. Order more pizza delivery. Play more cards on the living room floor. Declare spontaneous naptime for everyone on Sunday. Make up silly dances. Ask serious questions. Have more sleepovers. Declare ridiculous holidays. Jump in more lakes.

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Make breakfast for dinner. Have staring contests. Ride bikes. Be fully present in every small and fleeting moment with those babies, because they are gone, gone gone in a whisper. I grew up in the church. I met God at the altar, in baptism, in the hymnal, in the casseroles at the potluck in the Fellowship Hall. The years I felt angry and restless and deeply skeptical. God knew music was the way we would have to find each other again. My mom must have known too, because I had a standing invitation to use her piano any time.

Unfortunately for her, this was usually at about 2 AM when I would try to quietly turn the key in her door, reeking of cigarettes and martinis from my shift tending bar and my own post shift enjoyment , I would pull these little wadded up cocktail napkins out of my pockets that I had scribbled on, at work. These songs of longing and lament were barely recognizable fragments of my faith that looked very different from the church girl of my youth.

Edit Wiki. It's not time to make a change Just relax, take it easy You're still young, that's your fault There's so much you have to know Find a girl, settle down If you want you can marry Look at me, I am old, but I'm happy I was once like you are now, and I know that it's not easy To be calm when you've found something going on But take your time, think a lot Why, think of everything you've got For you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not How can I try to explain? Father And Son song meanings. Add your thoughts 85 Comments.

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I think most people are missing something very basic. Look at the personal pronouns. In the first sentence you is understood and the next sentences we see "You're, your, and you". The Father is talking to the son or at him. Now look at the son's section of the song. He is not speaking TO his father. He is talking to a third party or, most likely, to himself.