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Cultural exchanges established by a Soviet-British agreement in and administered by the British Council — of which I was a beneficiary as a postgraduate student in — supplemented the smaller-scale visits organised earlier on under the auspices of the National Union of Students, while a new if cautious mutual encouragement of international tourism brought foreigners to the Soviet Union and, in limited numbers and under strict controls, Soviet tourists to the West.

The journal Foreign Literature , which introduced European and American writers in translation to Soviet readers, was eagerly sought after like all journals people actually wanted to read, it was a scarce commodity. The August Moscow Youth Festival, which brought 34, foreigners to Moscow for two weeks in August , was the moment when yearning towards the West was transmuted into ecstatic contact, a watershed in the lives of a generation. Controls on foreigners, normally strict, were largely lifted: no checks of bags at the border, no currency declarations to fill in, not even normal visas, since anyone chosen as a delegate by the relevant committee of the international youth movement simply collected a card guaranteeing entry from their local Soviet consulate.

Delegates could wander freely to far-flung festival venues in Moscow including some, like Khimki on the northern outskirts of Moscow, that had been off-limits to foreigners before and were again for decades afterwards. It was a total shock to a population used to drab and sombre colours. The first encounters between Muscovites and foreigners were rapturous, despite thirty thousand Komsomol activists lining the streets to keep order. There was a hangover afterwards, with the KGB compensating for having been sidelined during the festival by setting up surveillance on locals who had established questionably close ties with the foreigners.

That was still going strong when I arrived as a student a decade later, by which time purple trucks had long disappeared from the streets and the festival remained only a dreamlike memory. But the impulse to connect with Western culture and be part of world civilisation survived, sometimes restricted by the government but often encouraged. Yves Montand gave wildly successful concerts in Moscow, Leningrad and Kiev.

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The Pushkin Museum began to get its Impressionist paintings out of storage, and big exhibitions from both Soviet and French collections followed. The mids also brought something harder to digest than the Impressionists: Picasso, whose work his own selection was exhibited in Moscow and Leningrad in and provoked passionate controversy.

Some embraced his work as representing a quintessential break with the Stalinist past; others saw it as ugly and perverse. Heated debates took place in student dormitories, editorial offices, even city squares, and the queues to get into the exhibition were huge. It was an act of imaginative re-creation involving subjective input on the part of the translator. It was their task to make the film comprehensible — emotionally as well as literally — to Soviet viewers, and sometimes heroic measures were called for. Soviet dubbing directors aimed to make their versions better than the originals — psychologically deeper and emotionally more transparent.

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While the number of Soviet tourists going to the West remained comparatively small, it was growing, and many Soviet writers were among the tourists. They wrote of the great cities of Europe as intimately familiar, through their representation in literature and painting, but at the same time miraculously unknown.

The Soviet love affair with the West was bound to end in disappointment. Once Russians were free to travel, even to emigrate and live in Paris for good if they could afford it, Paris was no longer a dream. That is one of the paradoxes of the situation she describes. The love affair with Western culture did not, as might first have appeared, involve a repudiation of Sovietness.

On the contrary, to love Western culture was a token of Soviet culturedness kulturnost , something to be expected of every educated and cultivated Soviet citizen. As any visiting foreigner who was ever quizzed about the novels of Walter Scott or Theodore Dreiser and found wanting will attest, Soviet citizens often thought they knew more than Western natives about Western culture or at least the canonical Soviet version , and loved it better — and they were right.

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There were Russians who liked capitalism, but these were not the cultured Russians — the Soviet intelligentsia, broadly construed — that Gilburd is writing about. A disclaimer is in order here: in the s, Gilburd studied with me as an undergraduate at the University of Chicago, where she now teaches Soviet history. Saying that I did not read them and get I still enjoyed this book. The main character Rochelle is funny and likeable. She believes she is suffering from some sort of psychotic condition Enjoyable mix of magic and love First off I found parts of this book confusing.

She believes she is suffering from some sort of psychotic condition. But soon it becomes obvious there is more going on than she believes it understands. Enter a weretiger, a sorceror, werewolves, and possibly a dragon and you get a enjoyable urban fantasy series with romance, action and a few small love scenes.

Can't wait to see what happens in book two, oh and start the sister series as well. Jul 16, Alfred J. Coscia rated it really liked it. Very Good Magic-Based Nook This novel has an excellent pull to it, and I am very impressed with the layering, complexities, and morals therein.

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Rochelle is the protagonist, and an interesting one. The writing is excellent, with great pacing, and leaves the reader engaged, wanting to know more. It is easily a recommendable series for people who enjoy an easy, exploratory read on the fantasy genre. I quite liked it, and will be completing the series. Jul 11, Deana St. John rated it liked it.

I have mixed feelings about this book. It started off with a strange, but interesting, premise then it went off in a direction that I found confusing. I thought the book was listed under science fiction, but I guess it was "supernatural thriller" instead. Voordat de procedure goed wetenschappelijk is getest, gaat een klein groepje fanatiekelingen in het geheim experimenteren met de talent volste kinderen. Maar wel op hun voorwaarden. De bio manipulaties die op de kinderen zijn uitgevoerd zijn afschuwelijk. Ze bezwijken vaak bijna aan de neuro tansplantaten in hun hersenen.

En dit alles ligt in een mysterie al beginnen in de antieke oudheid bij het orakel van Delphi. Wat heeft dit alles met elkaar te maken en gaat het Gary Pierce lukken dit ongeluk af te wenden met hulp van een aantal vrienden? Sneak peaks in het verhaal: Hij wist dat hij haar groot verdriet had gedaan, een verdriet waarmee hij zelf maar al te goed bekend was. Met het meisje in zijn armen rende Gary door de voortuin. Het was fris buiten, maar het meisje gloeide koortsig. Hij voelde de warmte door zijn hemd heen.

Elisabeth liep tussen de twee vuren door. Daarachter kwam het dorp tot leven. Iemand sloeg met veel lawaai op een soort trommel. Er verscheen een vrouw die haar gezicht gedeeltelijk met een sari bedekte. Ze gebaarde hun het dorp in te komen. James Rollins is de auteur van verschillende series waaronder De Sigma Force Serie en talloze ander boeken waaronder Zandstorm, Black order ect.

Indiana Jones en de kristale schedel is ook van zijn hand.

Als je van een avontuur houdt en een dag of twee door kan lezen dan raad ik je dit boek graag aan. Jan 03, Linden rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Adult readers but not listeners.

The Last Oracle

The premise of this story is that the Oracle at Delphi left its genetic heritage in the Romany, formerly called the Gyptians, Gypsies. In a secret project, Russian scientists have been engineering autistic savants through selective breeding, augmenting their abilities with a brain implant.

These children, bred for extra-human talents, will serve as the secret power behind a new world order, with Russian ascendant. At a ceremony celebrating a new sarcophagus to seal the famous Number Four reactor at Chernobyl safely for all time, they will all be exposed to a massive amount of radiation. Further, the radioactive lake near the infamous site will be drained into the aquifer that ultimately feeds the Arctic Ocean, wreaking destruction in those same countries which will be leaderless within a week's time. This audio version of the book was an unusual listening experience.

The reader, Peter Jay Fernandez, had an unusual style of delivery. It took me a while to work out its pattern because, during passages when the characters were in dialogue, it wasn't regularly present.

Oracle of Doom (The Library Book 3): D. J. MacHale: Books

However, when the author himself was describing something, Fernandez spoke with a strong emphasis on the majority of words. As if he were breaking a thought into very very short sentences to indicated weighty content. And yet, though full of interesting turns of plot, the book still seemed confusing. Somewhat later, after figuring out the emphatic pattern, I realized that his speaking style had an additional side effect.

By giving false emphasis to so many things, it was veiling things that were truly important. It interfered with listening to how the author had laid things our the the audience.