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He said he had written to leaders of the army in countries to ensure their policies and procedures were regularly updated and implemented without exception and called on the army in Australia to ensure its procedures were robust. He said the army would be interested in engaging in the dialogue about a national redress scheme for victims of institutional abuse, which had been suggested by the Catholic and Anglican churches.

Condon became upset when he was questioned about his decision to suspend only recently John McIver, one of five officers against whom the commission had heard serious allegations. If you engage sexually with other people in a casual or recreational manner, you will dissipate your vital energy. You will spend your life force. You will lose touch with Knowledge within yourself. You will lose your sense of yourself.

You will lose your sense of your self-worth and the value of your life. Most people would not simply throw all their money away, putting it in the trash, but that is exactly what you are doing when you become sexually engaged with the wrong people. It is like taking all your money and putting it into the trash, or throwing it in a fire. You are spending your wealth on nothing and will have nothing to show for it.

You must see that every pleasure has a cost. Healthy pleasures have a very small cost, perhaps even imperceptible. But other pleasures have great costs and lasting costs. Some of them will cost you your whole life. Some of them will cost you your future and your destiny. Some of them will cost you your health. Some of them will cost you your marriage. Some of them will cost you your relationship with your children. All of these pleasures that carry great costs will cost you your connection with Knowledge within yourself, setting you further into darkness of your own confusion and fearful imagination, lowering your value to yourself and to other people.

If you look at people around you who have a lot of sexual engagements, you will see how unvital they are. You will see how little direction they really have. You will see what it will cost them in terms of time and energy, and their resources and their focus in life, and the amount of dishonesty it will create within them as they try to justify their behavior—to try to justify the great cost, to try to justify the great loss that they are experiencing.

Your life is not about sexuality. Just like your life is not about food. Your life is not about bathing yourself. These all represent authentic needs; some of them are mandatory, of course, and some are not. Your purpose for coming into the world is not represented by these things alone. To live for them is to live without the great purpose that God has given to you and has provided for you and placed deep within you within your Knowledge—to guide you and to protect you and to lead you to the fulfillment of your purpose here. Sexuality is a power. It must be managed correctly.

You cannot simply succumb to it whenever it arises, or it will undermine your sense of health, your sense of power, your sense of purpose and your sense of integrity. You must manage it. You must restrain it and find other ways to express the deeper need that it represents.

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Until you can do this, you will not understand what sexuality is or how it can possibly be beneficial to you. It is a real pleasure with the right person, but without the proper context in engagement, it carries an immense cost. There are people around you who have already spent their life force on it and have nothing to show. They leave behind them a whole series of relationships that have been disappointed, a whole series of people who are resentful and uninspired.

If you use another for sexuality, you are hurting them. You are violating them. You are hurting them. You are degrading them and yourself. Sexuality has a real value within a relationship representing higher purpose in life, but only certain relationships, not all relationships. Between a man and a wife, if they are united at this higher level, then, yes, of course.

It is an important opportunity for them to experience the depth and value of their relationship.

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But between those who have gathered to carry on a greater purpose in the world, it is usually not appropriate within that context. It is because meaning is so lacking for people that they give so much meaning to littler things. It is because people do not have meaning in their lives that they suffer and that they obsess themselves with smaller things. If you are to be sexually united with someone, you must find that person, and you must take time to see if they really can unite with you. But even before this happens, you must gain a connection to Knowledge within yourself.

You must build the foundation for experiencing and discovering the greater purpose that has brought you into the world. If sexuality precedes this, it ends up replacing it as an emphasis and a focus. Your most primary relationship is your relationship with God, and your relationship with God is represented by your connection to Knowledge within you. For this is the Wisdom that God has placed within you—a Wisdom that you cannot change, that you cannot alter, that you cannot bargain with, that you cannot manipulate. You can only receive it and follow it and carry out what it gives you to do with as little interference as possible.

If you do this and can carry this out over time, there will be no confusion about sexuality. You will not give your life away to someone. You will not spend your precious life force.

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You will not commit yourself to situations that have no future and no promise. You will not be seduced and swayed by the passions or the persuasions of others. You will have a kind of freedom that very few people around you experience—a freedom to think clearly, a freedom to see, a freedom to know, a freedom to make really wise decisions, a freedom that very few people in the world today can claim and experience. Therefore, the first step is to build your connection to Knowledge, to take the Steps to Knowledge , for only Knowledge within you knows who you need to be with, and how you need to be with them, and what your relationship is for, and how you should participate, and where you should give yourself.

Here you must exercise patience, a rare and precious commodity.

Perhaps you will not have this experience with someone for another ten years. What will you do in the interim? Will you get married?

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Will you have affairs? Will you fall in and out of love? Will you waste your life because you cannot wait, because you have no trust, because you think you must have this union, this experience, this ecstasy right away? You cannot wait? Sexuality is not a drug. It is an opportunity, but it is only an opportunity within a certain context—within the context of a real relationship, a united relationship, a relationship between a man and a wife, or between two people who have committed their life together in such a way that sexuality would be appropriate for them.

Very few people have this kind of relationship today, and yet everyone is trying to have sex, or looking for sex, or having sex at immense cost. Where will the human energy and ingenuity come for this? How will humanity face the Great Waves of change that are coming in a world of declining resources and violent weather, in a world where food is diminishing, in a world where people are facing ever greater plights and difficulties? Where will the energy come to meet these great challenges? It will not come if people are wasting themselves, trying to have sex with other people, trying to have relationship before they even know who they are or where they are going in life, trying to commit themselves before they even have any sense that there is a greater Knowledge within them?

Look at the cost. Look at the human expense. Look at the obsession and the preoccupation here. Human assets are being spent so unwisely, and people have very little power, very little purpose, very little direction, very little inner certainty, very little clarity in their lives and very little capacity to deal with the great uncertainties that are coming over the horizon. Part of this is because they are misappropriating their lives.

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They are seeking pleasure and running away from pain, and that is why they are lost. And in certain places in the world these pursuits are encouraged. They are encouraged even in children. This is a great tragedy for humanity. It represents a fundamental corruption of the human spirit and a corruption of the value of each person.

If you want to experience the real value of sexuality, and if that is appropriate given your purpose in life, and the form and structure of your life, then you must wait. First, you need the direction that only Knowledge can give, and you must travel in your true direction to gain a sense of it, to become stable within it and to break free of the bonds and the chains and the obligations that hold you back or that distract you or that carry you away. That is building a foundation for your life. That is building clarity about where you must go.

That is learning through time what does not work for you, what is not right for you, what you must learn to avoid. In many places in the world, there is this great emphasis on falling in love. You want to have this ecstatic experience with someone.