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Couples with deliberate rituals feel more satisfied with their relationships, says research by Michael I. Norton and Ximena Garcia-Rada. Can businesses benefit?

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Can company growth rates persist over long periods of time? New Working Papers. Scholarly papers that describe original research in a narrow field of study.

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Soul and Machine Learning. The Limitations of Dynamic Capabilities. Collis and Bharat Anand.

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Comments on Macri's Macro by Federico Sturzenegger. The Research Exchange.


The Research Exchange is a way for faculty and corporate partners to collaborate on the following field studies. The best sources are reference books:. The DBU Library has a lot of these, both online and on the shelves. Our collection of Oxford Online Reference Titles see link below is a great place to start. The reference books in the library cannot be checked out, but you can use them in the library and make copies of the pages you need.

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The Reference Librarians will be happy to help you find the best resources for your topic. If you will be writing about current events or social issues, you can find useful background information in Gale's Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Every topic page starts with an overview that provides broad and balanced background information. A general web search can also be helpful.

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Although you may not find the kinds of scholarly resources that you will need later, you can probably find a good deal of general information that will help you get a basic overview of the subject. While Wikipedia may not be an appropriate source for your research, it can supply useful background information that will help get your started. Get direct access to Oxford Reference Online!

Type your search terms here:. Many professors will not let you cite Wikipedia as a source because Wikipedia is "written largely by amateurs" and can be edited by anyone. But does that mean you shouldn't use it at all? You can find out if the topic is going to be interesting enough to keep your attention while you are learning about it.

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  5. The better articles will include useful bibliographies of other resources. But you should stay away from articles that say "Citation needed" or that have bibliographies that are nothing more than lists of other websites. In , the journal Nature published a study showing that there were only slight differences in the number of inaccuracies found in Wikipedia versus those found in the Encyclopedia Britannica.

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    Unfortunately, this article is not available online for free, but here is the citation if you'd like to read it for yourself DBU owns a copy if you're interested. Giles, Jim. The Britannica people responded with this rebuttal , but Nature stuck to its guns with this reply. So, what's the bottom line?